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DS.G Team Management Suite
Your Players Deeply Visualized

Dive Deeper into your team using DS.G's Team Management Suite. Understand precisely where improvement is needed and understand each player's strengths and weaknesses. Communicate with your team in real-time to ensure each player knows what's next!


Team Data Beyond Strokes Gained

01. All Players - Single App

Coaches can use the DS.G application to view all players across both men and women's teams. Filter to specific players, specific statistics, specific courses, or specific conditions and use DS.G charts and analytics to visualize results. Compare multiple players on a single chart

02. Full App Functionality

All players will enjoy the full, unlimited functionality of the DS.G application. Customize data preferences, themes, data entry and view all individual statistics using the same outstanding DS.G charts and analytics

03. Cost Effective

With DS.G's pricing model for teams, colleges, universities and high school teams can harness the power of DS.G without busting the budget. 

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