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DS.G Club and Gear Customization

Another critical difference between DS.G and other applications is the depth we provide in conducting club and gear analysis. Other applications allows players to have more than 14 clubs, but DS.G is the only application where a player can create unique configurations of clubs and compare results across all the DS.G data factors.

For example, if a player has a configurable driver, any combination of that driver can be created in DS.G, then after data is entered using that specific club configuration, players can compare the various configurations to determine what works best in specific situations. 

Let's say a player has a configurable driver and they create 3 unique configurations within the DS.G application. Configuration 1 will be called Expensive Driver - Normal. The 2nd configuration will be called Expensive Driver - Draw Bias. The final configuration will be called Expensive Driver - Fade Bias. The configurations are named based on actually re-configuring the head / shaft that is common in today's drivers.

A player can put one or all three drivers in their DS.G bag, and as they play, record shot results under one of the configurations. After data has been entered for all three configurations, the DS.G analytics allows direct comparisons across all three configurations. Players can understand data such as strokes gained by configurations, distance off the tee by configuration, strokes gained and scoring based on environmental conditions such as temperature, ground firmness or wind.

DS.G provides players the ability to customize drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters, balls, shoes, shafts, grips and much more. The options for configuration is almost unlimited.

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