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DS.G In-Round Stats

As you're playing a round, you may want to know various stats about that round. DS.G offers multiple In-Round Stats and options.

SCORECARD: Players can touch Scorecard to visualize hole information, Strokes Gained, Ball Strike Quality, Fairways in Regulation, Greens in Regulation, Number of Putts and Feet of Putts Made.

STATS: Touching Stats allows the player to view stats about their current round, including, Performance Scores, Scoring, Hole Performance, and Performance for each of the major shot categories. 

ALL SHOTS: Touching All Shots provides a detailed Strokes Gained breakdown for each shot taken. Players can see in real-time how much a specific shot either cost them or gained for them. 

OPTIONS: Lets players configure the DS.G app as they play. Players can turn a 9 hole round into an 18 hole round or vice versa. You can also customize your data preferences and bag as you play. 

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