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DS.G takes a new and unique approach to golf stats and how stats can be used to improve your game. There are several applications that provide core, generic data, but DS.G feels that to really understand where improvement is needed, you have to dive deep. We provide the tool that allows golfers of any ability to dive deep into your game.

DS.G breaks data into 3 core aspects: STRATEGY, TENDENCIES, AND STATISTICS. Strategy uses factor data to provide insight into scoring and strokes gained at the hole level. If the pin is located in the front right corner of the green, what approach location gives you the highest strokes gained and lowest score? DS.G's strategy analysis provides this information.


Tendencies are built to illustrate outcomes of specific shots and their impact to your score and strokes gained. If the pin is located in the front right corner of the green, does your score and strokes gained improve by hitting a flop shot with a 60 degree wedge, or chipping it lower with a 50 degree wedge? DS.G's tendency analysis provides this information. 


Statistics are the core of DS.G. We provide virtually all standard PGA Tour stats, plus several unique to DS.G. Major statistics categories such as Off the Tee, Approach, Around the Green, and Putting have an almost unlimited number of charts and tables that can be filtered, sorted, and customized to meet players needs. DS.G provides metrics that most applications can't, such as Feet of Putts Made, Second Putt Distances and Make Pct, and the ability to granularly filter on distances such as Approach Shots from 50 to 60 yards, or 50 to 75 yards, or virtually any other combination of minimum and maximum distances. DS.G also offers unique data such as the 3 Deadly Sins. DS.G provides analysis around how many times you 1) 3 putt, 2) have 2 or more approach or around the green shots from within 50 yards of the green, and 3) take a penalty stroke...the 3 Deadly Sins. 

Unique to DS.G is the ability for a user to pick and choose the factors that are important to their game. If comparing statistics such as Off the Tee based on the ball you are using isn't important, then DS.G doesn't force a user to collect that data. However, if you are interested to see if the $30/dozen ball really performs as well as the $50/dozen ball, DS.G can provide that analysis. 

Additionally, DS.G provides users the ability to collect and analyze numerous factors related to a shot, hole, course, round, gear, environmental, and others. You pick what's important.

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