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DS.G Functionality

Club and Gear Customization

Data Entry Options

We realize that entering data is time consuming. However, to get the most out of DS.G, data entry is crucial. So we offer multiple ways to make your data entry life as simple as possible.

DS.G allows players the ability to choose what data they want to collect. Simply touch the check box to turn a data element on or off. Also touch the check box to add or remove the data element for On-Course Quick Entry.

On-Course Quick Entry provides you the ability to choose what data you enter on the course. The minimum data requirements are data fields required to calculate Strokes Gained, however, you can choose and customize what data you enter on the course by shot type.

Starting in December 2023, you will be able to use GPS shot location to precisely mark your shot location rather than manually entering distance to pin. This will be a time saver, plus add an additional measurement of precision.

You can also opt to enter data after your round is complete, sitting on your comfy chair in your home. We off a full range of data entry customizations. Video

Data Factors

An application should allow players to pick and choose what data is important to them, and make it easy to turn data on and off. DS.G does just that. Through an easy to use checkbox touch feature, a player can turn data on or off for a round if that element isn't applicable. 

For example, if you don't want to collect Pre-Shot Routine or Risk for a few rounds, turn those data fields off and you will not be asked to populate them. Turn them back on at any time to continue collecting that data.

Once data is entered into DS.G, it's never lost, even if you turn the data field off. DS.G essentially provides the player the ability to choose what data is important to them.

GPS Hole Maps - Dec 2023

In Round Stats and Options

Round Factors

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