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Updated: Nov 7, 2021

DS.G is the most comprehensive application dedicated to helping you really understand your golf game. If you want to track it, DS.G will let you.

DS.G lets you customize what statistics you want to track, then provides the analytical tools to make sense of that data. While DS.G provides statistics like Strokes Gained, we go far beyond your common statistics to provide you analysis on whatever you need insight on. Which BALL really performs best for you? Do those ergonomic SHOES really give you extra distance? Do you struggle on UPHILL or DOWNHILL shots? How well do you STRIKE the ball in certain conditions?

Using the DS.G app, you will be able to clearly spot trends and identify areas you need to work on. From our core charts and analysis to custom charts you design, DS.G will be an invaluable tool in understanding your game!

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