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Factor Glossary

Actual Shot Shape

The Actual Shot Shape of your shot. This includes Straight, Fade, Slice, Draw, Hook, Push, Pull, etc.

Adjusted Strokes Gained

Calculates Strokes Gained based on the player's handicap. For a complete description of the algorithm DS.G uses, please see the blog post titled "Adjusted Strokes Gained Algorithm"


Around the Green

Club Category


Elevation Change

Collects information on whether the shot was flat, uphill, or downhill.

Feet of Putts Made

Intended Shot Shape

The Intended Shape of your shot. As you prepare for your shot, the shape of the shot should be considered. DS.G uses Intended and Actual Shot Shapes as factors in our Improvement Analysis.


This factor collects data about your lie. Lies are classified as Good, Bad, Deep, Buried, Plugged, Divot, and Other.

My Bag

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