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Go Deep! Very Deep! DS.G is the only application that allows users to dive deep to understand what works...and what doesn't!



Everyday Data Turned Upside Down

Strokes Gained have become the standard measure in golf today. DS.G extends strokes gained by providing the ability to break a shot into its component pieces. Learn specifically where you need improvement, then work on it.


Understand Your Tendencies Like Never Before

What is your Proximity to the Hole from 125-150 yards? Some applications will give you a strokes gained number and proximity number, but DS.G can tell you Strokes Gained and Proximity based on course conditions, environmental conditions, surface types, swing types, and many other factors. DS.G can also provide very precise data on your short game, including putting. If Left to Right putts from 6-10 feet are killing your score, you should know that so you can work on them. DS.G can tell you precisely what to work on. 

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