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Your Game Deeply Visualized

Dive Deeper into your game to understand precisely where improvement is needed.

Join us at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando January 24-26. Look for us in the Emerging Technology section!


Data Beyond Strokes Gained

01. Dive Deep

Go beyond normal Strokes Gained to learn and visualize precisely where you need improvement. DS.G provides more than 50 data factors to apply to every shot, hole and round.

02. You Choose the Data

You are in control of your data. You choose what data is important to your game. Turn data on and off easily and never lose data that's already been collected, even if that data factor is turned off.

03. Analyze Anything

DS.G's powerful charts and analytics make it simple to view your data in multiple ways. Trend lines, bar charts, pie charts, scatter diagrams, data tables, and much more are available to visualize your data.

SG per shot.jpeg

The Future of Golf Statistics and Strategy

DS.G continues to build unique aspects that will provide enhanced functionality and lead to better scores for all users and teams. From now through 2024, DS.G will build functionality to rival existing applications on the market and will provide all users enhanced usability through features such as one-touch GPS shot marking, shot tendency overlays onto hole maps, and expanded charts and data analysis. Download DS.G now and join the ride!




We started building DS.G almost 2 years ago. We have a small, dedicated team that understands both the technology market and the game of golf. Our founders have played in USGA events and countless state level events. We also all played college golf (back in the day)! 


When we started DS.G, we wanted to bring a depth of statistics that no one else offered. Since our beginning, the application has evolved into a sophisticated platform that supports individuals, teams, on course strategy, and of course, DeepStats.

Join Us

DS.G will be attending the December WGCA and GCAA annual conference in Las Vegas. We look forward to providing demonstrations and answering all questions. 

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