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DeepStats.Golf - Play, Enter, Go Deep!

Dig Deeper to Really Discover Where Improvement is Needed!


Unparalleled Charts, Analytics, and Data Options

Trends across the broadest spectrum of shot data available today


You are In Control of Your Data

DS.G provides more than 100 data fields so you can dive deep into your shots, your rounds, your gear! You choose what's important to you! Then let the magic of DS.G charts propel you to understand where improvement is really needed. 



Dive Deep Into Your Data

DS.G allows users to dive deeper into all aspects of your game. Understand your tendencies, not from just a strokes gained standpoint, but from a granular aspect such as green breaks, environmental conditions, course conditions, lies and much more!


Clubs, Ball, Gear...Oh My!

Clubs and equipment change with regularity! Clubs can be configured today like never before. Ball advancements are annual events! Even shoes now say that you can add distance! With DS.G, you can create multiple clubs with multiple configurations and directly compare using our advanced charting and analytics. You can compare golf balls, shoes, gloves and more! Never guess which club or gear works in various scenarios ever again!



DeepStats is My Guide

DeepStats provided me with in-depth information on where I needed improvement. I used the information to make it all the way to the U.S. Amateur Quarterfinals in 2022! 

Alex Price

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